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About Mantas Malukas

Mantas Malukas is Lithuanian-born English blogger, technology journalist and digital content strategist. As an entrepreneur his main focus is in the development of high level concepts mainly in the editorial news projects, web design, journalism but also in styling, graphic design and digital content marketing. For the several last years he was investing his passions into artificial intelligence (AI) fields and going deep and conceptually down to the cores of digital communication forms.
Prior to this date, Mantas Malukas has spent the last decade working in a number of web development, digital marketing and advertising capacities. He was always interested in the latest digital trends, creative marketing approaches and SEO techniques. Mantas' unique set of skills, which he has developed over the last years, allows him to see various market opportunities and segments to which a product or service may appeal and he has the ability to reach those audiences successfully. When Mantas founded Techinfographics.com in 2012, he was one of the first marketers to use data visualization and infographics in content marketing. As a result, some of his works has been featured in numerous high authority websites, including Wired magazine, CNET (es), The Huffington Post and many others.

Entrepreneurship & Selected Projects

Filter Project:
Project TechInfographics.com
Y-2012-2014 Jul
Project MaterialDesignBlog.com
Y-2014-2015 Aug
Project Dailyhover.com (Google News publication)
Y-2016 Jun
Article The Endless Patent Battles of Segway
Y-2016 Sep 12th
Article Upcoming Material Design CSS library – a Twitter Bootstrap killer?
Y-2015 May 9th
Article BMW Imagines The Self-balancing Motorcycle of The Future
Y-2016 Oct 11th
Article Milestone 10,000th Gogoro Electric Smartscooter Sold in Taipei
Y-2016 Sep 10th
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Creative & Hard-working

It starts with formulating a concept,
and followed by planning the project to
detail in the most elaborate way.

Professional & Experienced

Professionalism based on years of
experience makes a world of difference.

Entrepreneur & Visionary

Thinking entrepreneurially, as opposed to managerially or strategically,
means believing in a yet-to-be-made future
that can be shaped by human action.
Hard Working


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